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First you need to download some things. Just remember where you downloaded them to.


ATLAS ver 14 trial:

ATLAS dictionary with some translated names (Starry Sky included):

Translation Aggregator (optional but useful):

You should have your game that you want to translate already installed. Make a shortcut for the game, putting it on your desktop is recommended.

Extract the agth.rar to your C:\ drive. There now should be a agth folder there. Go back to your shortcut you made in the first step. Right click on it and choose Properties (should be at the bottom). You should see something like this:


See what I circled and highlighted? That’s what you need to change. For most games, you just need to put “C:\agth\agth.exe /c /x ” (including the space after x). This is also true for the Starry Sky games. However, for a few games, you need an /H code. For example, Heart no Kuni no Alice needs /HA-C@F3804 /w144D6E after the /x (after being updated with this patch). For a list of some otome game codes, look here: Once you have the right agth codes, click ok. Try starting up your game by clicking on the shortcut you made and changed the target of. The game should pop up along with AGTH. It will look something like this if you did it right:


If agth did pop up, good. But it can’t hook any important text like this (depending on the game). See the drop down box with 0x004…? If you click on it, you may get something that looks like this:


For the Starry Sky games, the first 2/one highlighted should work. For other games, try each one until you get it to hook game text like this:


And now the text should be copying to your clipboard. If you can paste the game text, then you correctly hooked agth to your game! Congrats! now for the actual translating.

Install ATLAS like you would normally install something. Try starting up and you’ll get a window like this:image

Do you remember the dictionary I had you download earlier? Click on Tool > Management Menu > Merge Dictionary Data. Click on Add (on the right) then locate the dictionary. ATLAS should now be able to translate 星月 as Hoshizuki and not “star moon.” If you want to use Translation Aggregator (which can use google translate, babel fish, and other online translators at the same time as ATLAS), then skip the rest of this part. Now for just ATLAS users, click on QuickATLAS. There should be a green icon with a mouse on the lower right part of your taskbar. Right click the icon and choose Automatic Clipboard Translation. Whatever you have on the clipboard will be translated.


As you can see, ATLAS is not perfect. But at least you get a basic understanding and can tell when he says “I love you.” Also, if the text copies too fast, just go into the options and change 150 to 200 or so.

Now for those who want to use Translation Aggregator, you just need to start it up. It will look something like this:


You’ll probably have more windows, I just like using these four. The two things I circled are the automatic clipboard translation and the auto translate highlighted text. The highlight one is optional, but you should use the first one.

And I think that about covers it. If you have any problems or questions, just ask me. ( ・ω・)ノ

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